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  • MariaDB pipeline in Logstash

    Yesterday I had to setup a Logstash pipeline reading data from a MariaDB database and inserting it into Elasticsearch. Since it took a couple of hours to figure this out, here is the configuration I found to got it working. First, get the latest JDBC mariadb connectorJ libraries from Once its downloaded, move the…

  • SVN checkout depth of two levels

    A strategy I found to get the first two levels of files of an SVN repository. Start by checking out only root and 1st level of folders mkdir temp cd temp svn co . –depth immediates 2. Checkout content 1st level of folders find ./ -type d ! -path “./.svn*” ! -path “./” -exec…

  • Add WPML language switch without current language

    This is a convenient way to add a link in the main menu to switch languages without including the active language. You’d figure this would be included in WPML but this doesn’t seem to be very high on their priority list.

  • Three point estimation

    Three point estimation

    As it happens, I often have to do estimates for small to kind of large projects. As most developers will know, estimating is not as easy as you think. It is even harder to guess-timate something you have never done before. During my project management classes, I did learn about three point estimation, a pretty…

  • Disable mouse acceleration on Mac OS X

    The most annoying thing I encounter when occasionnaly working on a Mac is the mouse acceleration. I found a command line that will disable it but you need to relog after executing it: defaults write -g -1 Note: Don’t touch the mouse settings in Preferences or it will override the above change.