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  • Cleaning the log tables and rebuilding indexes with shell scripts

    Based on the same idea as my “cache clearing script“ (but 10x better), Magento now includes some handy scripts to clean the log tables, to compile source files and to rebuild indexes. For people with very large databases (10k+ products) this is sometimes the only way to actually accomplish something without running out of memory or exceeding execution time […]

  • Magento Notice: Undefined index: 0

    Today I got this mysterious error message after moving a Magento website to a new server. Magento Notice: Undefined index: 0  in …/htdocs/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Mysql4/Config.php on line 92 Turns out this was due to a faulty import of the database. Apparently there are a few tables where using an id of 0 in the auto_increment column has […]

  • Magento: Ultimate cache clear script

    Update: If you use a recent version of Magento there might be a better solution here. If you have been using Magento with a BIG database of products you will soon realize that the built-in “cache management” is quite limited due to the server’s usual time limit on requests. You just can’t refresh your catalog […]

  • Magento: How to change the admin theme

    So you want to use Magento for your company and now you have to change the look of the backend. Of course you don’t want to change the default Magento adminhtml theme and kill any chances of upgrading your templates later on. So thats where this post comes into play. ;) Theres an easy way […]

  • Magento: How to disable update notifications

    A short tutorial on how to block the “New Magento Version” notifications in the Magento admin without modifying the core packages. Create a new package under app/code/local , for this example lets make a “MyCompany” package. If you already have an existing package for your magento mods you can use that one but you will […]