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  • Updating Magento code to be compatible with PHP 5.3

    Even tough PHP 5.3 has been out for quite a while, there is still lots of old code out there that will not run correctly when moved from 5.2 to 5.3. In my case I had to move a 2 year old Magento website to a new server and ran into problems as the default […]

  • Fix Mantis Captcha Image open_basedir Error

    I recently installed the lastest version of Mantis Bug Tracker. Sadly when I tried to signup for the first time, the captcha used in the signup form didn’t show up. Opening the generated jpeg file reveals several errors related to my server’s PHP security settings. SYSTEM WARNING: ‘file_exists(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/usr/share/fonts/corefonts/) is not […]

  • Magento: How to change the admin theme

    So you want to use Magento for your company and now you have to change the look of the backend. Of course you don’t want to change the default Magento adminhtml theme and kill any chances of upgrading your templates later on. So thats where this post comes into play. ;) Theres an easy way […]

  • Magento: How to disable update notifications

    A short tutorial on how to block the “New Magento Version” notifications in the Magento admin without modifying the core packages. Create a new package under app/code/local , for this example lets make a “MyCompany” package. If you already have an existing package for your magento mods you can use that one but you will […]

  • How to Enable Ant For Zend Studio

    This week I found out that Zend Studio has Ant disabled by default (no idea why). Then I tried find a way to reactivate it by installing plugins or opening the workspace in a standard eclipse. Finally I found a nice post on the internet that explains how to have Zend reactivate the Ant plugins […]