Magento: Changing login.phtml, register.phtml and onepage login.phtml

Today I was trying to make a change in the login form. After wondering for a while why my changes aren’t applied, I found out that the most recent versions of Magento include a new Mage module called Persistent. This module overrides the normal customer/form/login.phtml, customer/form/register.phtml and checkout/onepage/login.phtml. To get your changes to actually work you need to change the new templates in the template/persistent folder.

persistent templates

6 responses to “Magento: Changing login.phtml, register.phtml and onepage login.phtml”

  1. Thank you for pointing this out! Was struggeling with the Magento the login forms for hours :)

  2. Thank you! All I wanted to do was check the newsletter subscription checkbox by default and without your help I would surely be bold by now! LOL